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Early Marriages of Owsley Residents

Submitted by Yvonne Dishon


Below we give the dates of several marriage licenses issued many years ago in Owsley county.
These records were destroyed in the fire which burned the court house in Booneville.

The dates below are due to the fact that J. W. F. Williams, who is able to give more
information of Lee county than can be obtained from any other source,
left some of his records in Beattyville which were given to us to publish.

April 18, 1843

Jasper Brandenburg and Mary Thomas

August 24, 1844

James McGuire and Elizabeth Wood

January 16, 1845

James Snowden and Lucy Thomas

March 3, 1845

James Kelly and Nissinia Thomas

September 25, 1845

Thos. J. Treadway and Amanda Lutes

June 4, 1846

Anderson McGuire and Nancy Pennignton

June 6, 1846

Decatur Beatty and Emily J. Akers

June 21, 1846

Harvey Bush and Margaret Snowden

March 30, 1848

James Patrick and Polly Ann McGuire

July 18, 1848

Geo. S. Williams and Ermine Akers

September 11, 1848

Ezekial Gilbert and Jane McGuire

October 28, 1848

Greenbury Snowden and Amelia Coleman

October 4, 1849

William S. Kelly and Nancy J. Gilbert

December 6, 1849

Albert Shearer and Narcissa J. Blount

June 2, 1851

Wm B. McGuire and Letitia M. C. Blount

October 30, 1851

Charles J. Blount and Sarah M. Cornett

April 8, 1852

E. R. W. Cox and Susan Pitman

February 23, 1853

Jas. F. Blount and Clerinda Barker

August 3, 1853

John Hammons and Elizabeth McGuire

April 11, 1854

Timothy Johnson and Sally Ann Pitman

December 3, 1855

John S. Akers and Armina Gray

February 20, 1856

Miles Kincaid and Martha Ann Akers

October 8, 1858

George B. Kincaid and Margaret McGuire

December 8, 1858

F. Marion Snowden and Clerinda Baker

December 14, 1858

Hampton Flanery and Nancy Brandenburg

January 30, 1859

James McClancey and Elizabeth Jameson

November 6, 1861

Tom Hieronymus and Margaret T. Bush

March 11, 1863

J. C. Lovelace and Deamy McGuire

July 3, 1863

W. H. Blount and Margaret Botner

February 5, 1864

Samuel P. Kincaid and Demia Nolan

June 8, 1864

Francis Hieronymus and Ann Bush

July 21, 1864

Harry H. Newnam and Mary J. Partington

December 29, 1864

Warwick McGuire and Catherine Aker

January 14, 1865

Ben Botner and Margaret Patrick

May 11, 1865

Gustavus A. Blount and Lucy Gale

August 31, 1865

David S. Thomas and Deamy McGuire

September 20, 1865

Jasper M. Beatty and Caroline McGuire

December 21, 1865

B. McGuire and Helen Treadway

February 20, 1868

F. Marion Snowden and Polly Thompson

March 11, 1868

Howard McGuire and Werely Bush

March 29, 1863

James Holman and Rachel Frailey

September 16, 1869

Thomas McGuire and Margaret Thomas

June 29, 1880

James H. Flanery and Rachel E. Venable**

**This date was printed originally as June 29, 1863

But disputed in the next issue of the Beattyville Enterprise by a family member.

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