Homicides in Owsley County

Submitted by Harley T. Bowling


The following is taken from a list combining information given to James Bowman by Ike Gabbard of Ricetown and James Bowmanís additions. This is combined with dates and Information obtained from "The Owsley County News."

Moore, John John ReeceBooneville5-12-1851 Previously recorded as Joseph Reese, but the Moore boys were killed in self-defense by John Reece. See the Summer/Fall OCHGS newsletter and this 1851 newspaper article
Moore, WilliamJohn ReeceBooneville5-12-1851 See above
Cawood, MosesUnion SoldiersFish Trap Civil War-
Rebel SoldierJohn Gilbert South ForkCivil War-
Clark, William ConfederatesDrowning Creek HillCivil War-
Helton, Carr- Upper Buffalo1880’s-
Helton, GroverJames Fox- 1880’s-
Davidson, WilliamClint HallCow Creek--
Callahan, Luther J.B. “Buck” Bowling Cow Creek 1883-
Baker, Robert Abijah B. Gabbard Indian Creek 1880’s-
Dean, John- Upper Buffalo--
Gay, James Wm. Gabbard et alUpper Buffalo- -
Bowman, Henry John & Tempy BowmanEndee--
Walker, Elhanal (Negro)- Sugar Camp--
Moore, LewisAbel Wilson Cow Creek--
Moore, JamesAbel Wilson Cow Creek--
Minter, Zeke (Negro)John O. Crawford (Negro)Sugar Camp--
Allen, John Jess NeeleyEndee--
Peters, Delaney Robert or Daniel Allen Endee--
Hyden, Allen - Scoville--
Rose, James Alonzo Lonnie Cawood Meadow Creek 1903-
Roberts, Jerry Lee HallCow Creek 12-29-1912-
Cole, Lewis Price MooreIndian Creek 1904-
Murrell, Green Harvey RiceIndian Creek 1905-
Wilson, Walker William OsborneMeadow Creek--
Taylor, Clarence Gabbard & Baker Cow Creek--
Adams, Jarvis Price Richardson Indian Creek 1926-
Smith, John Cale TurnerUpper Cow Creek--
Combs, ElbertRobert W. WoodsCrane Fork 5-28-1928-
Hall, Andrew Clifton CombsAt S.A. Sandlin Store on Cow Creek--
Frost, William Roscoe Combs Grassy Branch, Indian Creek 7-9-1932-
Campbell, Glenn William P. McIntoshR.F. Upper Buffalo--
Noble, JohnSimon McIntosh L.F. Cow Creek 4-15-1940-
Noble, John Clay HarveySugar Camp--
Gay, Carlo Richard Herald Booneville 1926-
Combs, George John Newman Vincent--
Smith, ElmoBy his son ___Smith Sugar Camp 1958-
Murrell, Jeptha, Jr. Elmo SmithNear Booneville on the river--
Dooley, Alex Andy Venable Vincent--
Day, William Andy VenableIsland Creek-Received Life Sentence on 3-10-1936
Barrett, James (Clay) Albert Gum Scoville 2-13-1933-
Barrett, William Lester CecilIsland Creek 5-2-1942-
Bowman, John Robert Barrett Near Booneville--
Williams (girl child) Woodrow Murrell Fish Trap on river--
Smith, Splint Samuel Smith Sugar Camp--
Smith, Willie “Crook” Cheech Rader Chestnut Gap9-9-1938Was shot 4 times then hit over the head
Gabbard, Sidney Albert McIntosh L.F. Upper Buffalo--
Moore, Sidney Constable Wilson Judd - --
Campbell, Thomas Marcus MooreNear Milltown, South Booneville--
Gabbard, Clyde (constable)Hatton & Hartsock Wild Dog--
Bowling, JerryDan “Mucker” Baker Buckhorn 2-10-1913-
Strong, ____ Jed Price Sturgeon--
Maddon, John Marion Short Sturgeon11-4-1884Killed by Ambush - BTF
Becknell, Oscar Owsley county Deputy Sheriff Tom Pendergrass Sturgeon7-12-1940Killed each other in shootout
Tom Pendergrass Oscar Becknell Sturgeon 7-12-1940Killed each other in shootout
Robison, Tee Carter Pierson Sturgeon--
Crank, Chester Lindon & Al Wilson Sturgeon--
Clark, Pinkerton John Simmons---
Baker, Andrew -- 1834-
Hughes, Campbell/td>Berry Jackson Ida May, KY--
Gum, Minnie, age 67 Mack Gum - 8-29-1952-
Gum, Lucille Moore, 24 Mack Gum - 8-29-1952-
Gum, MackSelf- 8-29-1952Committed sucicide after killing wife and daughter-in-law
Peters, Hubert Quinton Becknell---
Morris, Theophilus Pealy Short Island Creek--
Peters, Ance Claeb Reynolds- 1938-
Gabbard, Mitchell Charlie Clark ---
Wilson, TomJohn EstepMeadow Creek--
Stamper, John-Upper Buffalo--
Gabbard, Wilson “Dock” - Upper Buffalo 6-9-1912-
Vires, Ansel William Gabbard Upper Buffalo--
Vires, Amanda William Gabbard Upper Buffalo--
Gilbert, “Berry” ClabeSidney Gabbard Upper Buffalo--
Caudill, Clint Wiley Bowling Lerose 6-16-1907Killed each other in shootout
Bowling, Wiley Clint Caudill Lerose 6-16-1907Killed each other in shootout
Reynolds, William Floyd Wilder Indian Creek--
Caudill, Lee Elisha Baker Upper Buffalo--
Combs, ElbertRobert Woods or Will Frost or Andy Hall Cow Creek 5-28-1928-
Hall, Andrew Elbert Combs Cow Creek--
Frost, William Roscoe Combs Grassy Branch 7-9-1932-
Wilder, Floyd Hobart Wilder Indian Creek--
Smith, JohnPleas Mosley et al Smith Fork, Cow Creek 12-25-1930-
Smith, MarthaPleas Mosley et al Smith Fork, Cow Creek 12-25-1930-
Herald, HintPleas Mosley et al Smith Fork, Cow Creek 12-25-1930-
Mosley, John - Smith Fork, Cow Creek 12-25-1920-
Wilson, Richard Robert Johnson et al Cow Creek--
Richardson, Harlan Price Richardson (brother) Indian Creek 12-28-1933-
Kilearney, Patrick Elmer Brandenburg Booneville--
Cavins, Charley Andy Chadwell et al Island Creek--
Bowman, Elmer Robert BowmanIsland Creek--
Bowman, Frank Gran SawyerSugar Camp--
Brewer, Wm. H. Frank Callahan & Smith Sturgeon--
Barrett, Charley, age 34 Snowden Johnson Meadow Creek 2-14-1936-
Murrell, Absalom Patrick Holland Meadow Creek--
Murrell, Jeptha Green Bowman Chestnut Gap --
Young, SteveBruce Peters In Booneville--
Clark, HamptonElisha Moore In Booneville--
Turner, LauraTom Neeley? Sturgeon Creek--
Moore, HargisClint Hall Lower Buffalo--
McIntosh, Albert Brown Gabbard et al L.F. Upper Buffalo - -
Mosley, _____ Brown Gabbard et al L.F. Upper Buffalo - -
Gilbert, ClabeSidney Gabbard et al L.F. Upper Buffalo--
Gilbert, Anse Sidney Gabbard et al L.F. Upper Buffalo--
Harris, GilbertGrover Gabbard et al (bunty Mike’s son) L.F. Upper Buffalo--
Gilbert, FarmerRaleigh Campbell R.F. Upper Buffalo--
Brock, JosephWalker Gabbard L.F. Upper Buffalo--
Allen, BessieRobert SandlinL.F. Upper Buffalo--
Sandlin, SonnyAnce Baker L.F. Upper Buffalo--
Hurst, John Ance Conrad (step-son) Sturgeon 4-23-1937-
Turner, Price Greeley Baker et al L.F. Upper Buffalo--
Barrett, James Elisha Gabbard L.F. Upper Buffalo--
Irish Peddler---Robbed and Killed
Scott, George _____Madden---
Riley, Otto, age 30 Douglas Gabbard Meadow Creek 11-12-1937-
Roberts, _____ Dewey Caudill L.F. Upper Buffalo--
McIntosh, Hiram Ben McIntosh et al L.F. Upper Buffalo--
Bishop, _____ Earl Johnson L.F. Upper Buffalo--
Gross, _____ Arthur McIntosh R.F. Upper Buffalo--
Baker, Kenis Arthur McIntosh R.F. Upper Buffalo--
Daniel, Claude---Disappeared from his home
Daniel, Wash, age 43See Notes-6-18-1937Was killed from ambush. Ike Gabbard says Daniel was ambushed by Joe Bowling and others but this has been crossed out and Carl McIntosh was named instead of Joe Bowling. Five persons were indicted

From the Owsley County Courier

Johnson, Anderson (16) Hugh Terry Owsley 6-27-1941-
Angel, Arco (21) -- 8-25-1939-
Hurley, Gene of E. BernstadtShot by Harvey HeraldArnett5-5-1950-
Combs, George-- 5-8-1942Shot 11 time from ambush and killed
Terry, GreenRichard Land & son Robert- 1-10-1941-
Crouch, Jesse (38) Harrison Griffin - 6-23-1939-
Caudill, Jack-- 4-28-1950Shot to death
5 Breathitt Co. & 1 Owsley resident accused
Bishop, James R. Wilson Johnson - 5-23-1941-
Noble, John-- 4-19-1940Shot & Killed
Brandenburg, Ned (17)-- 7-3-1942Shot and killed from ambush
Noble, Owen Clay Harvey- 12-20-1940-
Allen, Robert--6-15-1951Of Lee county was discovered wired in sack, weighed with rocks in Kentucky River
McIntosh, Simon--4-19-1940Shot 4 times by pistol and twice by shotgun
Lynch, Vance John Wyatt - 7-7-1939-
Gumm, CarlWilton Price- 3-23-1951Price gets 21 year
sentence on 3-30-1951
Allen, Charles (23)-Ray Thomas Road house, Hazard 7-13-1951-
Slone, Winfred Hack Bowman- 4-8-1938-
Garrett, Wm.(63) Lester Cecil- 5-8-1942-
Johnson, Sid Dorsey Cole - 3-9-1934Cole sentenced to 8 years
Barger, Henry Walter McIntosh- 7-29-1938McIntosh used an axe to kill Barger
Bishop, James Ray (32) Wilson Johnson - 5-23-1941-
Caudell, John --10-21-1938Shot & killed
Caudell, Jack--4-28-1950Shot & killed
Cecil, Oakley--2-20-1942Shot & killed
Combs, George--5-8-1942From ambush
Coomer, Ova Lee (30) --5-7-1937Shot & Killed
Durbin, Barlow--5-27-1938Killed in fight
Gabbard, Sid (59)-- 11-11-1938Killed in Owsley county election shootout
Mosley, Kelly (22)-- 11-11-1938Killed in Owsley county election shootout
McIntosh, Albert (42) -- 11-11-1938Killed in Owsley county election shootout
Gabbard, Brown-- 11-11-1938Shot in chest & leg in election shootout
Harvey, James Hugh (44)--3-11-1938Marshall of Booneville Died of self inflicted bullet wound to head
Horn, Wilburn (57)-- 4-15-1938Dead from gunshot
Hyden, Judge E. C. (57) Arthur Marshall - 11-25-1938-
Kilkarney, Michael P.--7-6-1934Shot & Killed
McIntosh, Clay (61) Carl McIntosh-- 1-6-1939-
McIntosh, Martha (23) Carl McIntosh -- 1-6-1939-
McIntosh, SimonJohnny Noble - 6-21-1940Died of wounds suffered in gun fight
Newman, Everett (50)---Dies from bullet wound
Peters, Anderson “Anse” (74)-- 1-28-1938Died from bullet wound
Peters, Hubert (24)-- 8-29-1938Died of knife wounds
Plowman, Duvall-- 5-15-1936Shot & killed
Riley, Jimmy Clay Moore- 9-2-1938-
Rose, Nelson Greenberry Salley - 6-24-1938-
Sandlin, Mary -- 3-3-1950Believed killed by father
Shepherd, Johnny Mother of the son he had killed Jackson Co. 1-1-1937Killed in the courtroom
Shoemaker, Glenn (27)Estill McQuinn- 4-23-1937-
Smith, Charles H. (42)Executed by State Eddyville 7-21-1939Died in electric chair for decapitating a cellmate in prison and for killing Clayton Sloan
Sparks, Taylor (46) J. D. Puckett - 8-12-1938-
Wilson, Nettie (38)Self- 7-17-1942Killed herself with shotgun
Wilson, RichardSee note - 8-3-1934Was shot and killed at church service. Bob Everett and George Johnson arrested. Everett Johnson was sentenced to 21 years on 12-14-1934.
Brandenburg, Jake M. S. Lovelace - 6-18-1937Sentenced to 5 years
Blount, CharlesJohn Mays, Lee county deputy sheriff- 5-27-1938Received life sentence on 11-4-1938
Durbin, BarlowJohn Mays, Lee county deputy sheriff- 5-27-1938Received life sentence on 11-4-1938
Sandlin, MaryAndy Sandlin (Father of Mary)- 3-3-1950-
Deaton, Wilson (Deputy)Woodrow Salyer Breathitt 11-22-1940Sentenced to 15 years
Terry, WiseMillard Spencer- 2-2-1934-
Allen, CharlesRay Thomas- 7-31-1951-
Arnold, CharleyLawrence Wilson - 3-8-1940Sentenced to 2 years