Photos From the Past Part III

Betty Amis Baker

Daughter of Sarah Eversole and John Horton Amis

From the Anna Spencer Caudill Collection

Mary Polly Gabbard Baker

Shown here with her daughter Hannah in back right 1845-1929 From the Betty Sue Bowman Gabbard Collection

Brown and Rina Begley

From the Ella Faye Gibson Collection

Malvery Gibson Begley

Malvery Gibson Begley, wife of Ray Begley, from Ella Faye Gibson collection.

Boone, Calloway and Alonzo Baker

Sons of George Baldy Baker and Charlotte Sawyers From the Bonnie Miller Collection

Perry and Vicie Baker Bishop

From the W.O. Gabbard Collection

George Bowles Family

George Bowles on right - others unknown. From Lois Judd Addison collection

Johnny Bowles

Johnny Bowles from the Lois Judd Addison collection

The Bowling and Sandlin Clan

1 Clarence Bowling 2 Callie Bowling Sandlin 3 Mose Sandlin 4 Tamera Bowling Eversole 5 William Gobel Bowling 6. Bertha DeZarn Bowling 7 Elizabeth Bowling The wife of Ewen Bowling (Mother of 2,4,5,8) 8 Cordie Bowling Turner From the Bill Herald Collection

Lincoln and Margaret Reynolds Bowling

Lincoln Bowling - Born 9 Apr 1866 Died 21 Oct 1929, son of Ibby Wood Bowling Margaret Reynolds - Born 28 Jun 1869 Died 19 May 1947, dau. of John S. & Elizabeth Gabbard Reynolds Photo submitted by Roy McDaniel

The Doc Bowman, and Gabbard Clan

Front Row L to R: unk, Clara Baker, Daniel B. Gabbard & wife, Chaney Hacker Gabbard Back Row L to R: Doc Bowman, Emma Gabbard, Myrtle Gabbard, Albert Gabbard, Sarah Jane McIntosh, Adron Duff, Mary Gabbard From the Betty Sue Bowman Gabbard Collection

Dicie Jane and Matilda Bowman

Dicie Jane Bowman and daughter Matilda Bowman From collection of Betty B. Gabbard

Henry Bowman

Father of Robert Sturgus Bowman Son of Cornelius Bowman Jr.

A real find of a photo!!! From the Collection of Robert Sturgus Bowman via his daughter Betty Sue Bowman Gabbard.

The John Bowman Family

From the Ella Bowman Addison Collection

Harlan Chandler

From the Pauline Chandler Finn Collection

John and Cindy Reynolds Combs

From the Ella Faye Gibson Collection

Delilah Taylor Cook

With her grandchildren from the Annette Berry McIntosh Collection

Delilah Taylor Cook

The shortest person in the picture is Delilah Taylor Cook from Annette McIntosh Berry collection.

Edward and Delilah Taylor Cook

From the Annette Berry McIntosh Collection

Alexander and John Creech

Alexander & John Creech sons of Elijah and Nancy (Brandenburg) Creech From collection of Betty B. Gabbard

Children of Alex and Agnes Creech

Children of Alex & Agnes Creech Front Row L to R: Claude, Tilford & Arthur Creech Back Row L to R: Mary, Charlie, Joe, Lucy Creech From collection of Betty B. Gabbard

Dellie, Oder and Clarence Creech

From the Lois Judd Addison Collection

Katherine Creech

From the Vivian Combs Moon Collection

Willard Creech

From the Lois Judd Addison Collection

Flora Davidson

From the Ella Faye Gibson Collection

George Duff

From the Roger Stepp Collection

George & Edna Duff

If you submitted this photo please contact me

Mary Jane Williams Flannery

Mary Jane was born 8/14/1842, had brown eyes, black hair. Her father's name was William Williams and her mother was a Cox. From Donna Mainous McKinley collection.

William Parsons Flannery

William P. Flannery was born 1/28/1824, father of Alpha Adla Flannery Thomas. His father was Thomas Flannery, b. 8/1782, and his mother was Elizabeth Parsons, b.5/1792. His first wife was Susan Spivey Flannery, b. 10/15/1829. From Donna Mainous McKinley collection.

Irvine Frost

Son of John Frost and Nancy Ann Eversole married Ollie Stepp from the Roger Stepp Collection

Elisha and Mary Peters Gabbard

Elisha & Mary (Peters) Gabbard from collection of W. O. Gabbard

Michael and Mary Ann Gabbard

From the Joel Myers Collection

Sid Gabbard

Of Upper Bufallo died in 1936 If you submitted this photo please contact us.

Wilson and Matilda Williams Gabbard

Wilson & Matilda Williams Gabbard from collection of W.O. Gabbard

Sarah Jennings

Sarah lost an arm and a leg and part of her hand chasing a cow and was run over by a train. From the Lois Judd Addison Collection

Isaac Judd

Isaac Judd worked in King Mills, Ohio, at ammunition factory and died from lead poisoning. From Lois Judd Addison collection.

Arch & Ed Judd

Pictures of brothers: Left - Arch Judd & Ed Judd from the Lois J. Addison collection.

Cleo Judd and Daughter

Lois Judd Addison Collection

Ed Judd

And some unknown boys fooling around from the Lois Judd Addison Collection

Lucy Bowles Judd

Lucy Bowles Judd, Carter "Bud" Bowles, Hubert Flannery & sister. Lois Judd Addison collection.

Arch and Helen Treadway McGuire

From the Robert Sturgus Collection submitted through Betty Bowman Gabbard

Granchildren of Arch McGuire

Grandchildren of Arch and Helen (Treadway) McGuire Front Row L to R: Mattie McGuire, Arch Mcguire, Ivan McGuire, Donald McGuire, James F. Bowman Back Row L to R: Vernon McGuire, Leighton McGuire, Robert S. Bowman, Arch Bowman, Jennie Bowman From the collection of Robert S. Bowman....

Hiram and Frances Barker McGuire

The Parents of Arch B. McGuire, this is one of the oldest photos we have on the site. From the Robert Sturgis Bowman Collection via his daughter, Betty Bowman Gabbard

Elisha and Jane McIntosh

From the Nada Reynolds Stewart Collection

Extra McIntosh

Shown here with Ellis Stewart from the Nada Stewart Collection

Missionaries From Upper Buffalo

From The Louise Rice Collection Submitted by Jerry and Ingka Grimes.

Bertha Margraves Moore

Shown here with Clair, she was the first wife of Silas Moore from the Ella Faye Gibson Collection

Bill and Florence Gibson Moore

From the Ella Faye Gibson Collection

Joe and Angelina McDaniel Moore

With Kash and Lucille Eversole Hall. Picture donated by Nada Stewart

Silas Moore

From the Ella Faye Gibson Collection

Hargis Peters and Agnes Pendergrass Peters

This is Hargis Peters & Agnes Pendergrass Peters. The baby is Brian Reynolds, Delcie's nephew. From Delcie Hall collection.

Will and Lizzie Reynolds Moore

Son of James "Fiddler" Moore and Emily Smith Lizzie was daughter of John S. and Elizabeth Gabbard Reynolds from the Ella Faye Gibson Collection

The Hardin Peters Family

Submitted by Claudette Peters Whitfield

Benjamin and Nancy Pendergrass

Benjamin and Nancy Pendergrass Son of Rev. Cordy and Minervy (Thompson) Pendergrass Daughter of Marcus Charles and Martha Jane (Flanary) Bell Photo from the Henry Clay Bowman Jr. Collection

The Reynolds and Bowlings

Left to Right 1. Possible dau. of Aron Reynolds 2. ? Green Reynolds 3. ? Green Reynolds 4. Reynolds 5. John S. Reynolds b. 1830 mar. Elizabeth Gabbard 6. Lincoln Bowling, b. 9 Apr. 1866, d. 21 Oct 1929 7. Henry Peters mar. Mary Reynolds 8. Reynolds (possible Greenberry) 9. Girl, died young, dau. of Aron Reynolds 10. Cindy Reynolds, dau. of Aron Reynolds 11. Mary Ann Reynolds, mar. Aron Reynolds (Mary Ann would smoke a pipe and turn her back while she talked) Picture taken at the home of LIncoln Bowling, located on Cow Creek. Home was later bought by Lewis and Lizzie Gibson. Lizzie was a sister to Jane Moore. Photo came from the Harry McDaniel Collection by way of Roy McDaniel

Charles E. Reynolds

Son of Elihu Reynolds submitted by Ella Faye Gibson

John S.& Elizabeth Gabbard Reynolds

Photo probably taken around 1890 from the Collection of Ella Faye Gibson

Leander and Emma Cawood Rose

Leander Crawford and Emma Cawood from the Jim Rose Collection

Bernie Seale

Shown here with his wife. From the Geraldin Kilburn Lynch Collection.

Bernie Seale Sr. and Richard Combs

From the Geraldine Kilburn Lynch Collection

Charlie Seale

From the Joyce Wilson Collection

Ellen, Howard & Ned Sebastian

From the Collection of Paula Turner Herfkens from Tucson, AZ.

Genus W. Stepp

Picture of Genus W. Stepp when he was 18 years of age from Roger Stepp collection

Taylor Stewart and Becky

From the Nada Reynolds Stewart Collection

Jimmy Taylor Family

Shown here with his wife Mattie and daughter Opal. Jimmy Taylor burned up in a house fire after he and Mattie separated. From the Louis Judd Addison Collection

Alpha Flannery Thomas

Alpha born 12/28/1869, was the wife of Judge Thomas, From Donna Mainous McKinley collection

Vincent Thomas Family

Back of picture shows "Vincent Thomas born 10/20/1859, married Alpha Ann Flannery Thomas born 12/28/1869. Their children: Roscoe Minter, b. 4/1889 - Hallie Tate, b. 10/17, 1891 - Mary Effie, b. 5/21/1893 - William Bradley, b. 12/1895. From Donna Mainous McKinley collection.

William Walton Treadway

Shown here with his wife, Magaret Bowman. From the Robert Sturgus Bowman Collection submitted by Betty Bowman Gabbard

Pleas Turner and Graydon Frost

Shown here with an unknown man sumbitted by Nancy Frost Moulton

Caffie Seale Wilson

From the Maude Wilson Evanshine Collection

Ed & Callie Seale Wilson

This is Ed Wilson (son of Alford & Elizabeth Flannery Wilson) and Callie Seale Wilson (Dau. of Bob & Margaret Moore Seale). From Maude Wilson Evanshine collection.

Preacher Charlie Wilson

From the Nancy Frost Moulton Collection

The Robert Strong Wilson Family

Fron row from left: Ethel Wilson Ewen, Robert S. Wilson, Mary Combs Wilson, Back Row, Grace Wilson Rice, Kate Wilson, Lena Wilson, Hattie Wilson Lamb from the Theda Bowman Partin Collection

Jess and Ruth Wilson Family

Ruth & Jess Wilson, Susie, Joe, & Paul Morgan. Addie, Jim, Jessie, Violet, Mart, & Wilson Mainous taken in 1930. Jess Wilson was paralyzed for many years. His way of travel was sled in a wheel chair. His family: Ruth, his wife; Daughter Ada and her family - Jim Mainous (husband), daughters (Jessie & Violet), sons (Mart & Wilson); Daughter Susie, her husband (Joe Morgan, & son (Paul. They had been visiting Ida And Matt Wilson about a mile up the river. Ida was Ruth's sister & Matt was Jess' brother. From Violet Mainous Dooley collection.

John and Ellen Kelly Wilson

Submitted by Nancy Frost Moulton

Kathleen Winn

From the Juelma Wilson Collection

William Hargis and Bertha Yeary

William Hargis Yeary and Bertha Morris Yeary: s/o of John Morgan Yeary and Rhoda (Toad) Allen Yeary. Bertha d/o Jasper Morris and Mary Jane Begley From the Bertha Warner Collection

Zack and Lonnie Yeary

This is a picture of my Uncle Zack Aster Yeary and Lonnie Yeary. Zack Aster is the son of Hargis Yeary and Bertha Morris Yeary. From the Bertha Warner Collection

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