The Abshear Clan

John D. & Parrott Abshear had seven daughters and one son: Mae Glenn, Ila Judd, Estelle Elkins, Elizabeth Judd, Laura Bue Parker, Katherine Dalton, & Herman Abshear. They also raised three of their grandchildren, Thomas Abshear, Louise Abshear, & William Cecil Abshear. From Genevieve Elkins Long collection.

Arthur S. and Nannie Rowland Abshear

Nannie Rowland, daughter of Linda and Martin, and her husband Arthur S. Abshear. From the Dallas Riedesel Collection

Bill and Rose Allen

From the collection of Cinda Byrd Deaton

Francis & Wilma Rose Baker

Francis was the son of Carter Baker From the Michelle Vincent Collection

The Carter Bowman Family

They are from left to right: Janie Hartsock Bowman (my step-grandmother), Unknown, Etta Callahan Bowman, Aunt Belle Davis & husband, Mavis Moore (?) sister of Eva, & Eva Moore Bowman. Two children: Boy unknown, girl is Mildred Bowman, daughter of C. A. "Porter" Bowman and Etta C. Bowman. Front Row: Monroe "Bo" Barrett, C. A. "Porter" Bowman, Unknown, Tinsley Bowman (my father), and Ernest Bowman. From the Ella Addison Collection

Lottie Million Ball

From the Debbie Rehmit Collection

Lottie Million Ball

Lottie Million Ball, Daughter of Ben Million and Lucinda McQueen. B1884 D1967. From the Charlotte Burch Nolte Collection

The Burgoyne Botner Family

Burgoyne, Nell and Frances Botner from the Francis Botner Evans Collection

William and Josephine Glass Brandenburg

From the Frances Botner Evans Collection

Ellis & Maude Fields Burch

From the the Bonnie Roberts Collection

Emily Singleton Burch

Emily Singleton Burch, Daughter of Eli and Evaline Singleton B1880 D 1978 From the Charlotte Nolte Burch Collection

Bill and Ollie Wilson Byrd

From the Phyliss Wilson Combs Collection

The Byrd Family

Back Row: Jefferson, Sophia, Sherman, & Lou Anna Helen Byrd.Front Row: John, Lottie Byrd Tankersley Duvall, & Jane McWhorter Byrd From the Wallace Edwards Collection

Bascom & Ollie Callahan

Parents of Glady's Callahan from her collection

Charles & Slyvania Edward Burch

From the Wallace Edwards Collection

Leonard Edwards Family

Leonard Edwards, Gracie Durham Edwards, Clarence Edwards (?), & Robert P. Edwards. Thomas, Forest Edwards, & Gladys Edwards Combs. From the Wallace Edwards Collection

William H. Edwards Family

Front L-R: William H. Edwards, John Edwards, Winnie (Bishop) Edwards, Lester Edwards, Jane (Kelly) Bishop mother of Winnie (Bishop) Edwards. Back Row L-R: Hubert, Mae, Blanch, Myrtle Edwards. (Two children not in picture - Finley & James Edwards) From the Wallace Edwards Collection

Sam Estep and Henry Slick

2 Familiar faces in Booneville. From the Jim Rose Collection

Boone Fields

Tragically, Boone drowned in the 1930's, this was Bonnie Field's brother from her collection

Crit Fields

Father of Bonnie Robert Fields from her collection

William Tandy Frost

Husband of Nancy Baker and Sarah Ann Wilder

From the Beth Adams Collection

William and Rachel Elizabeth Johnston Gabbard

From the Arley and Nancy J. Cope Collection William was the son of Mathias Gabbard

Ed & Lucy Bowles Judd

Lucy Bowles & Ed Judd are the couple on the right from the collection of Thelma Judd Addison (Thelma's parents).

J.B. and Margaret Spencer Hobbs

John B Hobbs is the son of Aaron Spencer Hobbs and Naoma C. (Reasor) Hobbs. His wife Margaret Spencer is the child of James and Deborah (Bowman) Spencer. from the Twila Helferich Collection

The Hughes Family

Ernest Hughes' Grandfather & Grandmother who raised him from age 5 to age 18. Ernest went to Denver Colorado on August 6, 1995, to college. From Catbird Hughes' Collection, if you know who these people are please contact us.

Claiborne and Mary Gabbard

Claiborne "Clabe" Gabbard and his second wife Mary Elizabeth Chambers, d/o Elijah Chambers & Rachel Ann Morrow. Claiborne is the s/o Michael Gabbard who is s/o Henry Gabbard & Barbara Hunsucker From the Nancy Cope Collection

Whitley Isaacs and Unknown Man

From the Lori Isaacs Collection

The Hurst Family

James K polk Hurst,Minta Hicks,standing by Minta Angieline (md. JASON LYNCH)sitting on her lap Lucy(md.Robert Neely) standing by James Stella(md. Pennington) sitting on his lap Lilly (md. Robert Gabbard).From the Calvin Lynch Collection

Harrison and Lucy Dunn Lynch

From the Wallace Edwards Collection

The Lynch Family

Back Row: Allen LynchFront: Callie Lynch Byrd, Mo. Nancy Lynch, Will Lynch, Chester Lynch, Herman Lynch, Alice Young Lynch w/John Tyler Lynch, & Minnie Lynch Pierson. From the Wallace Edwards Collection

Black Tom & Susie Lynch

From the Wallace Edwards Collection

Banford Mayes

Here's Banford, an avid hunter and former Owsley County Jailer with one of his prize setter pups From the Tommy Barrett Collection

The Family of Arch And Helen Treadway McGuire

From the Betty Bowman Gabbard Collection

Harlan and Ruth Cook McIntosh

From the Collection of Annette McIntosh Berry

Charley Moore

Son of William Moore and Elizabeth Reynolds from the Deborah Cupp Collection

Cornelius and Elizabeth Spencer Moore

From the Twila Helferich Collection

Elizabeth Reynolds Moore

From the Deborah Cupp Collection Daughter of John Schivner Reynolds and Elizabeth Gabbard

Judge Henry Harrison Moore and Family

Shown here with Taylor Moore standing in middle of Judge Moore and wife Mary C. Hobbs Moore. From the William Taylor Moore Collection

James Logan and Polly Duff Moore

James was the son of Henry Harrison Moore and Rebecca Jane Reynolds, Polly was the daughter of John C. Duff and Lucinda Campbell From the Leamon Moore Collection

Lee R. and Mangolia Flannery Moore

Parents of Leamon Moore from his collection Lee was the son of James Logan Moore, Mangolia was the daughter of Walter Flannery of Perry County

William Thomas and Emily Morris Peters

From the Claudette Peters Whitefield Collection

Frarris and Zella Green Pierson

Photo taken in 1960 from the Fannie Jo Pierson Jones collection.

Elihu and Sarah Ann Wilson Reynolds

Son of Richards Reynolds and Jemima Owens from the Delcie Reynolds Hall Collection

The Reynolds Clan

Mittie Reynolds Rose Snowden Reynolds Roy R ReynoldsEva Reynolds, wife of RoyMae Reynolds, wife of Will,Will ReynoldsFour children of Leander and Rachel Reynolds. Picturemade at Will and Mae's home left fork of Cow Creek. FromCarl R. Reynold collection.

Roberts and Harvey

Bonnie Fields Roberts and Emma Kendrick Harvey From the Bonnie Fields Roberts Collection

The Singletons and Edwards Family

Left: Eli & Evaline Singleton - Robert & Martha Edwards From the Wallace Edwards Collection

Dulaney Spence

He was the son of Jonathan Hammit Spence and Martha E. Napier Spence. From the Bea Wroot Collection

Geneva & Maurince Taylor

Geneva was my granny (slf) daughters of Frank Taylor and Lizzy Wilson from the Jeniffer Baker Collection

Archibald Treadway

Son of Elisha B. Treadway From the Carl Reynolds Collection

Fred & Bertie Wilder

Shown here celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary taken in 1979. From the Ella Addison Collection

Uell Wilder

From the Shirley Wilder Marshall Collection

Joseph and America Combs Wilder

From the Shirley Wilder Marshall Collection

Sarah Ann Wilder

From the Beth Adams Collection

Ella Wilson

Ella Wilson, standing, taken about 1934. Other lady was possibly her sister, Rose, from California. Man unknown.From Phyllis Wilson Combs collection.

Becca and Elbert Young

From the Francis Botner Evans Collection

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